Our Mission

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With no Town municipal shelter, the East Greenwich Animal Protection League is the only refuge for the homeless cats and dogs of East Greenwich. We expand our outreach to animals in the greater Rhode Island area when space and finances permit. The League also works with high-kill shelters in the South to bring adoptable puppies and dogs to safety at EGAPL.

EGAPL is a no-kill rescue. We do not euthanize animals after a certain length of time or for treatable medical and behavioral issues. We provide for our animals’ boarding and medical needs for as long as is necessary. EGAPL is an official non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Goals

  • To find suitable placement for all unclaimed stray adoptable cats and dogs.
  • To provide placement for pets that can no longer be maintained by their owners.
  • To provide vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and medical care to all adoptable animals in our care as needed.
  • To keep the cats and dogs in a private shelter environment or in a foster home for an unlimited amount of time until they are adopted into a suitable home.
  • To educate people regarding responsible pet ownership.


  • Adoptable: Any cat or dog that is not dangerously aggressive or suffering from an insurmountable illness.
  • East Greenwich Pets: Animals picked up by the East Greenwich Animal Control Officer and not reclaimed after the allotted time period; animals owned by people residing in East Greenwich that are left homeless by death or hospitalization of the owner.
  • Placement: Matching available pets with prospective owners by finding homes for cats and dogs where their physical and mental health will be maintained.

“It has always been a dream of EGAPL volunteers to have our own building. We continue our fundraising efforts to find real estate in the East Greenwich area suitable for a shelter environment.”