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Were you late to the party? June was Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, and we’d like to keep the momentum going into July! We have many adoptable kittens and several young adult felines hoping to find their forever homes this summer. Stop by our Adoption Hours every Saturday to meet our foster kittens, and come by any day we’re open to meet our in-house cats and kittens!

There are many benefits to cat ownership, including improving both physical and mental health. Cats provide companionship but require minimal care, which makes them ideal pets for adults who work full-time or those with physical limitations. Kittens cheer us with their playful antics, adult cats soothe us with their calming presence, and they improve our moods daily!

And as many cat-lovers already know, it’s hard to stop at just one! There are more cats in homes around the United States than dogs, but they are in fewer homes overall because multi-cat households are so common. If you are considering adding another feline to your home, we hope you will come meet ours.
Main Street
We often feature dogs at our annual Hound Hike and adoption events around Rhode

Island. Because they need to be indoors, our cats haven’t had the same opportunities, unfortunately. Thanks to Cheryl at Residential Properties Real Estate, EGAPL will be holding our first ever Cat Adopt-a-thon on Thursday, July 21st, during the East Greenwich Main Street Stroll! Stop by 413 Main Street, East Greenwich, between 5:00pm – 8:00pm to enjoy wine and cheese and meet our adoptable cats and kittens!

You can check out our adoptable felines on this site, or call 401-943-6333 or email to learn more about our cats.

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