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Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter
IMG 5945
Mr. PorterIMG 5945ChaseCarlosEverest

This is a litter that our amazing supporters helped us care for while they were sick. We are extremely excited to announce that they are now ready to be adopted. They are about 6 months old and are a mixed breed. They are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and will be spayed/neutered when they are old enough.

Mr. Porter: male, black coat with a white chest, white markings around his nose and white toes.

Alex: male, white coat with brown markings on his ear and eye.

Chase: male, black coat with a white chest and white toes.

Carlos: male, black coat, long ears.

Everest: male, white coat with a brown nose, one dark brown ear, and dark brown makings on his body (featured photo).

Rubble: male, black coat, white toes, unique white markings on his chest, white around his nose, and white toes. His forehead is wrinkled in his photo.


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