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Our cats request donations of Science Diet Indoor Adult dry food, Hills Science Diet Kitten dry food, Fancy Feast adult cans, Fancy Feast kitten cans, and kitty litter (Fresh Step is preferred). Our dogs request donations of Hills Science Diet Puppy Dry food, Hills Science Diet Adult Dry food, and are badly in need of toys for enrichment! We always need paper towels, dishwashing soap, and newspaper (no ads, please. the color runs in cages)! Mike & Ike


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Pet Supplies:

•Cages for large cats/small dogs
•Cat beds
•Cat carriers
•Cat litter
•Cat toys (mice, tinfoil toys, balls, etc.)
•Dog beds (anything easy to wash)
•Dog bones
•Dog kennels
•Dog toys (Kongs, balls, or anything that doesn’t break/rip easily)
•Dry cat/kitten or dog/puppy food
•Feral Dens
•Have a Heart Traps
•Moist (canned) food (Fancy Feast for cats & Pedigree for dogs)
•Plastic Play Yard for puppies
•Puppy pee pads
•Scratch & Stretch Cat Scratchers


•Baby scale
•Dishwashing soap
•Gift cards: JobLot, PetSmart, Staples, Amazon etc.
(in order to purchase food and other supplies when needed)
•Laundry detergent
•Rubbermaid/storage containers of different sizes
(including large enough to keep dry food bags safe from the elements)

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Office Supplies:

•Color paper for flyers
•Envelope glue
•File folders
•Hole-punch (for 2 or 3 holes)
•Ink: HP61 (for HP3050A printer)
•Paper clips
•Poster board
•Scotch tape
•White copy paper

You can also order from our Amazon Wish List and your items will be mailed directly to us!


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